Paula: When life throws you a curveball, like Chicken Shit Bingo on a Sunday afternoon (why not?), you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve. A basic understanding of chickens and how they react when startled, for instance, as well as a super fast, delicious dinner to prepare afterwards.

Scott: Weeknight games with livestock can be such a time suck. I really appreciate your choice of such a universally familiar example to highlight the pure simplicity, speed and fun of this delicious recipe.

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Scott Moody and Brian Taylor, co-owners of PK Grills, maker of the iconic hand-poured aluminum PK Grill and Smoker, today announced a new venture, introducing a line of high-end, consumable grilling products. Dubbed “Fire & Smoke Society,” the product line includes premium spice rubs, traditional sauces and marinades, hot sauces, and high-performance charcoal and fire starters. Together, the products create the ultimate complement for PK Grill owners and any outdoor cooking enthusiast.

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