Paula: Skillet-grilling has become my go-to method for capturing the best of two worlds: the seductive aromas of cooking over fire, and delicious pan drippings created during oven roasting. Why forfeit those flavorful juices to the fire? This chicken is a perfect example, as the fat renders over the heat, the sultry red spices and sizzling herb sprigs infuse the drippings with awesome flavor.

Scott: Yes. I have a cast iron skillet that I love to use on the grill. The combination of live fire cooking and cast iron is so alluring and when it comes to chicken, the skin and tasty bits scraped from the bottom of the pan are almost the best part. Love those tasty bits...

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Paula: I’ll be honest, I might choose them over a sizzling strip steak: grilled artichokes are one of my favorite things to cook and eat, especially this time of year when so many spring vegetables shine. They’re especially delicious served with a creamy condiment, like this one made with charred lemons, mayo, and one of my favorite Fire & Smoke Society blends, The Usual.

Scott: I agree that artichokes are delicious - especially grilled - but aren’t they kind of a lot of work?

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Paula: After a 3-hour drive to the lake, the best quick meal is skirt steak, rubbed with warm Mexican spices, marinated long enough to shuck corn and build a fire, and charred over a hot grill (ideally barefoot), right?

Scott: Of course. With the possible addition that allowing your steak to continue to brine for the extra few minutes that it takes to saber some ice chunks into a glass and pour yourself a whiskey drink can be a real difference maker.

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Paula: Do you have a spirit animal? Or, more to the point, do you have a Rib Spirit Animal? Mine would be a Memphis-style dry rub made with peppery red spices and a kiss of brown sugar. My go-to technique, two hours over a wood-infused fire followed by two hours in a low oven, works perfectly every time.

Scott: Are you implying that one can have a multitude of spirit animals classified by bone type? Because I am intrigued by that possibility.

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