Paula: Making paella on the grill over a wood-infused fire is so much more than a meal. It’s dinner theater seasoned with Spanish chorizo and saffron. It’s a riot of flavors and textures, and a feast that demands your attention, but as long as you’re organized and have the ingredients prepped and at the ready, you can pull it off while chatting with friends and stealing sips of red wine. I love how it comes together in stages--sizzling chicken until golden brown, sauteeing aromatic vegetables, simmering broth and rice--all to the expectation of those gathered around the table.

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Paula: I’m not sure what makes me crave this dish more, spying fresh, plump sea scallops in the seafood case or velvety leaves of sage in the garden. Regardless, I’ve been making this simple, satisfying recipe (adapted from The River Cafe in London) for ages. Scallops, sage, and capers might seem like unusual allies, but the flavors (sweet, herbaceous, briny) come together beautifully with a quick sizzle in a cast iron skillet and finish of freshly squeezed lemon juice and butter.

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Paula: When life throws you a curveball, like Chicken Shit Bingo on a Sunday afternoon (why not?), you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve. A basic understanding of chickens and how they react when startled, for instance, as well as a super fast, delicious dinner to prepare afterwards.

Scott: Weeknight games with livestock can be such a time suck. I really appreciate your choice of such a universally familiar example to highlight the pure simplicity, speed and fun of this delicious recipe.

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