Scott: Pork and Beans is one of those dishes that takes you way back. My mother was fond of Van Camp’s brand Pork and Beans. She also kept plenty of Beanee Weanee on hand. I have to confess I felt a little weird typing that just now.

Paula: Meanwhile, I needed to Google Beanee Weanee to see if they’re still around (your nostalgic dreams can come true here.) A throwback combo for sure--canned pork and beans remind me of a Brady Bunch episode in which Bobby and Peter hid the mixture in a flashlight, as a meal for their lost Native American friend. Promise me you’ll never serve me food from the barrel of an emptied out metal flashlight.

Scott: I promise not to do that because that is precisely where I would keep my collection of tiny Jack Daniels bottles and single package of waterproof matches.

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Paula: Melissa Clark’s clever recipe for The New York Times, Crispy Parmesan Roasted Chicken, is stirring up breathless excitement on social media. As it should, sprinkling grated Parmesan over a chicken as it roasts creates an extra crackly, super delicious skin. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to adapt the recipe for the grill. Spatchcocking the bird creates even more crispy crust (and surface area for the cheese), and roasting it over rosemary sprigs infuses the meat and pan juices with an incredible perfume.

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Paula: I’m gonna share a little secret here. Serving hot, crispy Tater Tots at a party will make you the most popular person in town. Because secretly, everyone wants to chow down on tots.

Scott: True story. Tots bring people together. They are salty, crunchy - yet soft - and you eat them with your hands. I think of them as tiny, golden, comfort capsules.

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Grilling the perfect steak isn't easy. It's an art form that takes time and skill to perfect. But with the right techniques and tips, you can deliver a perfect steak every time.

Here are six expert tips for grilling a perfect steak:


If you're new to grilling steaks, you should pick a steak that's easier to perfect on the grill. Start off by visiting your local butcher, and if possible, ask for a ribeye steak, or a steak that's thickly cut, as a thicker cut of meat is a bit easier to grill. Center-cut, grass-fed options are also great.

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