Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that smash burgers and decadent, over-the-top, Scooby Doo-sized sandwiches are all over Instagram. While your trainer urged us to avoid anything seven patties high, The Belt Buster is our idea of a marvelously meaty (but manageable to wrangle) sandwich. An entire short rib on a bun? What’s not to love?

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TOOT TOOT! That’s the sound of us tooting our own horn! Since you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that our spice blends and barbecue sauces are pretty darn tasty--so tasty, in fact, that industry forecasters say we’re the fastest growing seasoning brand in the seasonings aisle*! (Shazam!) To be honest, and not too humble, while we’re pleased to learn that our thoughtfully crafted seasonings (have you tried The Usual?) are soaring, we weren’t surprised to read that people love them. Our customer feedback is blush-worthy: most everyone really loves our flavorful blends (Hello, Holy Garlic) and tangy barbecue sauces!

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Paula: I am totally into one-skillet dinners on the grill these days. Whether it’s chops, steaks, or something that catches my eye at the fish counter, there’s something delightful about searing you protein in a preheated skillet, adding a mess of seasonal vegetables, finishing with fresh herbs and an acid like citrus juice or vinegar, and then serving the meal straight from the sizzling pan. Also: I love the firm texture and rich flavor of Gulf Coast Grouper.

Scott: Cooking in a cast iron pan over live fire is one of my favorite things. I love the char and the smoke you can achieve with this method - plus it won’t stink up your kitchen. As a pro tip, test to make sure your cast iron pan will fit on the grill with the lid closed so you can capture some of that yummy smoke flavor.

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