I thought savoring steaming bowls of ramen, made with deeply flavorful stock and fresh noodles, was a pleasure relegated to hipster hangouts--until I made this recipe. As it turns out, with homemade turkey stock on hand (and a quick trip to your favorite Asian market) making restaurant-worthy ramen at home is easy.

This following recipe for Turkey Ramen is all about the rich flavor of turkey stock. If you want a richer, porky version as your muse, check out this Momofuku recipe.

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Seasoning a turkey with a dry brine of spices leads to a moist, tender bird with knockout, concentrated flavor. (For a deeper dive on dry brining, check out this post.) The following recipe combines two of my favorite Fire & Smoke Society blends with fall’s best flavors (tart apples, sweet onions and sage). Whether you use the following spice blend or customize your own, as a general rule you’ll want to use 1 tablespoon seasoning per 4 pounds of bird.

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I’ll confess I’ve never been on Team Brine--until recently. That’s mainly because I’ve always achieved moist, flavorful results from grill-roasting turkey over a charcoal fire--especially when it’s spatchcocked and requires less cooking time. But 50,000 Elvis Fans can’t be wrong, and most experts and trusted chef friends agree that brining, in liquid or dry seasonings, improves a turkey’s ability to retain moisture and results in richer flavor. Nobody wants to serve a dry bird, so this year I dove into both methods.

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Warning: The following recipe may forever change your relationship with deli meat.

Perhaps you can relate. With Thanksgiving just a few weeks out, I felt a restless need to jump start my turkey game. Plus, I’ve always wanted to try Samin Nosrat’s recipe for Buttermilk-Brined Turkey, a method featured in The New York Times a while back. The acid in buttermilk helps tenderize the meat, Nosrat explains, and the sugars help create a deeply flavored golden brown skin.

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