Fire & Smoke Charcoal

100% Natural Hardwood

High Performance Lump Charcoal. Premium Grade Center Cut Hardwood

NO B.S. Guarantee: If you’ve ever bought lump charcoal before, you know every bag can be a surprise. NOT THIS BAG. You won’t find remanufactured waste, pallet wood, rocks, nails or old shoes in this bag of Fire & Smoke Premium Lump Charcoal. You will find pre-dried, consistently sized, center cut, highly carbonized lump charcoal that burns hot and clean. We know because we filtered it and then checked it.

If you are not fully satisfied with this bag of charcoal email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a replacement or full refund.

Burns Hotter and Cleaner with Less Ash

Starts Fast. Fire & Smoke Society Charcoal is highly carbonized which means that each lump contains fewer impurities, allowing it to start fast with minimal sparks, burn hotter and generate a clean, clear smoke with less ash.

Uniform Size & No Foreign Materials.

Our center-cut hardwood charcoal is more consistently sized than other lump charcoals and doesn’t contain foreign objects like other brands.

Where to buy

Fire & Smoke Society products are now available at Walmart stores and better independent hardware and outdoor stores.

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