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Once you find something that suits you, that perfectly satisfies your taste, you tend to stick with it and it becomes your go-to... your usual. After lots of taste tests, on all kinds of food, we found ourselves continually coming back to this spice, and it earned the nick name "The Usual", which ended up sticking. It really does go perfect with damn near anything.

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Here's the Rub

Fire Smoke Society Spices

We don’t care if you cook in a $10,000 pellet powered monstrosity with a ten-speed transmission and wi-fi or a wooden stick over a campfire, this stuff will make your food taste good.

rub it on

the hot line is ringing

Coming Soon! A few drops of this blistering blend kicks up wings, tacos, dry-rubbed ribs, all things eggs and breakfast cocktails (that’s you, Bloody Mary!).

Get spicy with it

slather it up with sauce

Inspired by our insatiable thirst for craft brews, our robust and distinctive sauces rely on three of the best—Stout, IPA, and Pilsner—to create a finger-licking finish for ribs, a mustardy wet rub for slow-smoked pork, and citrusy glaze for chicken wings and more.

get saucy

Fire & Smoke Society Recipes

Paula: When life throws you a curveball, like Chicken Shit Bingo on a Sunday afternoon (why not?), you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve. A basic understanding of chickens and how they react when startled, for instance, as well as a super fast, delicious dinner to prepare afterwards.

Scott: Weeknight games with livestock can be such a time suck. I really appreciate your choice of such a universally familiar example to highlight the pure simplicity, speed and fun of this delicious recipe.

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Scott: I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it, but Sambal Oelek was my favorite Star Wars character. I was into the less mainstream, more edgy performances. Just kidding, Sambal Oelek is a flavorful Indonesian chili sauce, right? [slowly closes laptop]

Paula: You got me...I was about to Google the action figure, fearing it was an omission to my massive, invaluable collection of Star Wars memorabilia [releases proud Wookie howl]. Yes, Sambal Oelek is a staple condiment for me. I actually prefer it to Sriracha, because it has a brighter, spunkier heat and more interesting texture. It’s brilliant in this sweet and spicy sauce recipe that hails from the Galaxy Huli Huli.

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