what'll you have?

Once you find something that suits you, that perfectly satisfies your taste, you tend to stick with it and it becomes your go-to... your usual. After lots of taste tests, on all kinds of food, we found ourselves continually coming back to this spice, and it earned the nick name "The Usual", which ended up sticking. It really does go perfect with damn near anything.

"The Usual has become my go to in everything from chicken to seafood, pork to pasta. I love it. Period."
– Shawn B.

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Here's the Rub

Fire Smoke Society Spices

We don’t care if you cook in a $10,000 pellet powered monstrosity with a ten-speed transmission and wi-fi or a wooden stick over a campfire, this stuff will make your food taste good.

rub it on

"This is the best we've ever used.

Wow is all I can say!" - via email

slather it up with sauce

Inspired by our insatiable thirst for craft brews, our robust and distinctive sauces rely on three of the best—Stout, IPA, and Pilsner—to create a finger-licking finish for ribs, a mustardy wet rub for slow-smoked pork, and citrusy glaze for chicken wings and more.

get saucy

Fire & Smoke Society Recipes

The conga line of holidays has begun. Whether you’re planning an elaborate multi-course dinner or casual backyard hang, why not greet guests with a crackling fire and the distinctive aroma of fresh chestnuts roasting over an open fire? If it sounds song-worthy, it is. If the sweet, nutty fragrance of the nuts whisk guests to an alfresco meal in Italy–then good for you.

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This rich, creamy one-skillet meal is surprisingly easy to pull together–on your grill–with leftover smoked chicken and store bought puff pastry that’s thawed the night before. The pie’s filling is sauteed on the grill. To avoid running back and forth to the kitchen by having all your ingredients prepared beforehand.

The ease (it's weeknight dinner worthy!) and delicious rewards of this meal is yet another reason to smoke two chickens at a time (one for dinner, the second for this recipe).

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